TiTi Testnet Championships is Now LIVE

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3 min readJul 29, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the testnet,and let’s usher in a new era of decentralized stablecoins.To celebrate the launch of the testnet and thank community members for your support, we have prepared 🎁$17000 to reward community members. Join the Testnet Championships and win rewards!


Prize Money Distribution:

TiTi Testnet Championships(TiTi-Staking Pool Ranking Competition) Introduction:


1️⃣ Each competitor will start on the same ready line and claim Mock-USDC every 24 hours from Aug,1. Afterwards, use your own skills and strategies to earn Testnet TiTi Token in Testnet with Mock-USDC.

How to earn TiTi? Plase refer to the tutorial here.

2️⃣ Earn as many TiTi tokens as possible and stake to the TiTi Staking Pool. The more TiTi you staked, the higher chance you will top the rank and become the god-champion. The prize money will be distributed to you based on your ranking as illustrated above.

Time:Aug 1st -Aug 29th , 2022

💵Prize Money Pool : $17,000



You can claim 10,000 Mock-USDC every 24hrs.

In the testnet, TiTi/TiUSD/Mock-USDC transfers between users’ accounts are banned to make sure the championships are fair for every competitor. There won’t be any such restrictions at mainnet.

token address:

Mock-USDC: 0xE44cff9843da14F400425d4689527980c7075089
TiUSD: 0xc35d591e9d5D69bf1F2513828CA57B5d15CC66c8
TiTi: 0x2C8d6418499a1482B8624Dc7Ee64236aA303d30B

🎊Daily Lucky Draw Winner

Everyday, we will randomly select 20 lucky winners among those who stake TiTi in TiTi Staking Pool on the previous day.

How to get Daily Lucky winners reward?

1️⃣ Join our discord

2️⃣ Retweet and quote our pinned tweet, send a screenshot of your ranking and your wallet address

3️⃣ Post your retweet link on Discord

Land on testnet:https://test.titi.finance

Daily Lucky Draw Winner will be selected from discord

An important hint: in discord,only OG3 are eligible for the lottery & No draw on the 29th

How to get og3👇

Now that we know the prizes and rules of the competition, how to participate in the testnet to get a higher ranking? Check out our testnet tutorial👇


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