TiTi Protocol Secures $3.5 Million to Build the First Use-to-Earn Algorithm Stablecoin led by The Spartan Group

TiTi Protocol
3 min readApr 11, 2022


TiTiProtocol’s Major Investors

We are more than thrilled to announce a successful fundraising round of $3.5 million, led by The Spartan Group, with participation from SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha, DeFi Alliance, Agnostic Fund, Fourth Revolution Capital (4RCapital), Solidity Venture, and other institutions, as well as other individual investors including 0xb1 (Fold Finance), Tascha and Nipun (Alpha Venture DAO), and Michael (Fantom). Besides, TiTi is incubated by Alpha Venture DAO. With this latest funding, TiTi Protocol aims to work with world-class investors to build the future of DeFi.

What’s TiTi Protocol?

TiTi Protocol is a fully decentralized, multi-asset reserve-backed, use-to-earn algorithmic stablecoin that aims to provide diversified and decentralized financial services based on the crypto-native stablecoin system and autonomous monetary policy. Its unique design brings a new paradigm of algorithmic stablecoin solution to decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 that combines the Multi-Assets-Reserve mechanism and the peg mechanism of the Reorders algorithm. By doing so, it aims to take over the torch of algorithmic stablecoins and bring a brand new solution to DeFi and Web3 ecology.

When asked why they invested in TiTi Protocol, The Spartan Group expressed that Algorithmic stablecoins are often susceptible to depegging risk and poor liquidity. TiTi Protocol provides a solution to this with its built-in multi-asset AMM to ensure TiUSD is fully collateralized and can be redeemed at any time. As an Alpha Venture DAO project, TiTi is backed by the strength of Alpha Finance’s ecosystem and we are excited to support TiTi’s team to provide users with one of the first use-to-earn stablecoins in the space.

TiTi’s most unique feature is that it can improve algorithmic stablecoins’ liquidity and user adoption on the premise of ensuring stability. TiTi is based on a new stablecoin issuance paradigm that is impermanence loss free and has triple mining rewards due to its unique liquidity rebalance algorithm. Stablecoin users need not to worry about their assets being liquidated. Liquidity Providers don’t need to open a position for TiUSD, TiTi’s stablecoin, when they would like to participate in liquidity mining. They only need to provide single sided liquidity to TiTi-AMMs because the protocol will do the math and mint equal value of TiUSD, thereby enhancing the liquidity of TiUSD.

TiTi Protocol’s new use-to-earn token economic design aims to boost algorithm stablecoin adoption and maximize the benefits for DeFi users, thus enabling the interoperability of algorithmic stablecoins with other DeFi projects. All this is only possible due to the research and experimentation of TiTi Protocol’s team in DeFi, especially the algorithm stablecoin track for several years.

Furthermore, the TiTi protocol is more than a stablecoin protocol, the stablecoin protocol is just the beginning. Its ultimate goal is to provide global users with diversified and DeFi services based on the crypto-native stablecoin system and autonomous monetary policy.

About TiTi Protocol

TiTi Protocol aims to bring a new type of elastic supply algorithm stablecoin solution to DeFi and Web3 that incorporates the Multi-Asset Reserves mechanism. TiTi Protocol always monitors changes in the total value of reserve to calculate the average price of TiUSD in circulation and adjusts the market-making peg price of TiUSD in the primary market through the ReOrders mechanism.

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TiTi Protocol

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